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About Us

Merle Mansion Bullies is more than just a breeder, we are a family with a story. We started our journey in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with one thing in mind, which is being:

"A better way to bully".

With love and care, we are driven to become a staple in the industry, with one main focus, providing top quality XL/XXL Ameican Bullies with a loving family & home for years to come. We aim to produce tall, sporty, clean, correct, well tempered American Bullies that are functional, show quality, and most importantly, loving and caring family members. 

We have a passion for the breed that compelled us to form our program, Merle Mansion Bullies. We understand there are a wide variety of body structures, temperments, and attributes to different American Bullies, that can make the initial search, or even a continued search for a new puppy/breeder overwhelming. We are very selective in the type of structure we aim to produce/replicate in our program. Due to our selective nature, we aim to follow suit in producing American Bullies that speak for themselves when it comes to structure/temperment. 


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