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Zarek and Zendaya are our beloved family members. We are very selective with who we will be moving forward with when it comes to families/breeders that we will sell to. We truly look forward to finding the highest quality families to move forward with, while building connections and memories for years to come. We plan to do our best to ensure that our puppies will not have to experience a rehoming process. Zendaya is going for her ultrasound on June 17th, with pupies expected to hit the ground July 17th.

We plan on a maximum of 4 litters in Zendays entire career, so this will be one of a very few opportunities to have a puppy from Zendaya. XDP Zendaya of XXL Designer Pitbulls is a very special girl, who holds some of the highest, most sought-after blood when it comes to the breed, globally. 

Top Dog Zarek is a very special little-big man. Zarek comes from the Top Dog Bullies farm, and is a production of Top Dog Cardi x Top Dog Merlin. Zarek is a holder of the Merle gene, and we are very happy with his growth/development. Zarek will remain closed to the public indefinitely, and will only be utilized for in-house breedings. 

By purchasing a reservation, you will have the opportunity to have priority pick over other accepted puppy applicants, per the slot paid for in a specific breeding. If remaining puppies go unsold, we will update prices with pictures for each puppy that is available accordingly. Unreserved puppies start at $6,500. Unsold Merle puppies will have a higher cost than unsold
non-merle puppies. Unsold all black puppies will have a higher price than merle and non-all black puppies. We do not gaurantee color or amount of males/females.

Zendaya has just entered heat as of 05/13/2023. If you are interested in reserving a slot, please indicate which slot on the puppy application.

Prices include Breeding rights and will not be reduced without breeding rights. To reserve a puppy, please see prices below. 

First choice merle male: 


Second choice merle male:


Third choice merle male:


First choice non-merle male:


Second choice non-merle male:


Third choice non-merle male:


First choice merle female:

SOLD Merle Mansion Bullies 

Second choice female:


Third choice female:


First choice non-merle female:


Second choice non-merle female:


Third choice non-merle female:


What comes with your puppy purchase? 


MMB puppy welcome package with MMB goodies

Our puppy package comes with private lable MMB insignia branded products that will be like no other experience a breeder has to offer, and we gaurantee it.


All of our puppies come with vaccination records that are up-to-date.


You will never have a puppy delivered without thier ABKC papers


We take pride in our babies health, and only work with the best licensed

veternarians in the Twin Cities.


All puppies come microchipped.


Nobody likes worms, so lets start that process right away. 

Lifetime Breeder Network 

We take pride in our reputation, integrity, and respect with those we work with. When you purhase from Merle Mansion Bullies, you will always be part of our family network, and a reference point with other breeders when looking to purchase a puppy in the future.  We seek to maintain a longstanding relationship with those we work with.

A social media follow! (:

We always get asked about why we only follow a few people, and its to allow us to give focus to our new bully families/friends.


Shipping rates vary by country if you are an international buyer. There will be a fixed fee of $550 for domestic shipping.


Security deposits are non-negotiable. Initial deposit required is $1,000. Once we recieve the initial deposit, your name will be filled in the slot you paid for, signifying online to other buyers that the slot in question is locked in, and your social media @ handle may be added per the family/kennels request as well for marketing purpose.

Security deposits are non-refundable, and may only be exchanged for another puppy if you are not satisfied with the selection/choice you have, per the slot paid for. This equates to needing to wait for a future litter in order to fufill the commitment in your contract.

Payments may be made via Wire/Zelle/PayPal. If you hold a United States bank account at a major financial institution such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, etc, you will be eligible to use Zelle/PayPal. Some smaller credit unions do not offer Zelle and will require funds to be wired. We do not accept Cash App/Venmo. We do not accept paper checks. You are responsible for ensuring accuracy of wires submitted to our business. All payments including wires have a good funds holding period of 2 weeks to ensure wires are in good order and not attempted to be recalled by the primary institution. International customers will need to send funds in USD via wire using the SWIFT Network. We will not recieve wires in foreign currency and it is up to the buyer to convert currencies domiciled in your country to USD at spot price at time of payment. The buyer will be subject to any foreign currency conversion fees charged by their bank and are subject to parity prices fluctuating. Example includes a weaker GBP to USD conversion. 


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