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Updated 09/27/2023
Embark results are here!


We plan on a maximum of 3, potentially 4 litters in Zendays entire career, so this will be one of a very few opportunities to have a puppy from Zendaya. XDP Zendaya was produced by XXL Designer Pitbulls, and holds some of the highest, most sought-after blood when it comes to the breed, globally. 

Zarek comes from the Top Dog Bullies farm, and is a production of Top Dog Cardi x Top Dog Merlin. Zarek is a carrier of the Merle gene. Zarek will remain closed to the public indefinitely, and will only be utilized for in-house breedings.  

Prices include Breeding rights and will not be reduced without breeding rights. 

Zendaya had her puppies on July 24/25th. Reservations are secured with a $1,000 deposit to lock in your puppy. If you are looking to reserve a specific puppy, please advise which name you are looking to reserve. 






Where to begin with this one... 
This girl is absolutely special. McFlurry has a stunning white/light grey hook pattern on her face, with the left side of her face showing a 1/4 pannel white patch as well. This merle girl is going to be a head turner anywhere she goes. Her overall pattern/colors are absolutely spectacular. She is the only merle in the litter with this color pattern.

As she grows/matures, one can only imagine how GORGEOUS this girls patterns will turn out. Keep an eye out on this one while she is still available, as we can tell this girl is going to blow up as she grows with how recognizable that face hook/color pattern is. Zendaya/Zarek outdid themselves with this girl, as we already know that her structure is going to be sporty, correct, and overall elegance. She is going to make one very lucky program/family pleased with thier decision to go with a McFlurry while the ice cream machine is working!